If you’ve never been to The Find, we’ll tell you right now – we love sectionals! The Find is filled with beautiful sectionals in different sizes, scales, configurations, and so many fabric options, and we can easily order what we don’t have in stock. But if you sigh enviously when you see a stunning sectional and despair that your small space could never pull off a sectional, think again! You don’t need a big space for a big sectional sofa, as long as you follow the rules.

the-find-reno-sectional-sofa-bench-coffee-tableScale, Configuration & Color

If you’re working with smaller spaces, it’s typical to assume you have to keep the furniture equally small. But not only is it limiting in terms of seating, the effect of small pieces in a small piece contributes to the Lilliputian feel. Bigger furniture may seem totally counterintuitive, but as long as you nail the scale, configuration, and color, you can absolutely rock a sectional!

If you’re navigating windows or walkways, opt for a lower-profile sectional. These tend to work best in smaller areas – the low profile is a clever visual trick that creates a sense of space, even though the sectional covers more actual floor space than a smaller sofa and a chair might. Configuration is also key. You don’t want to cram in a chaise if it will limit traffic, so think long and hard about movement patterns in your space and what will work best. Remember too, that it’s often the odd-shaped rooms or those with limited wall space that lend themselves so beautifully to the right sectional, so don’t panic if you’re working with unusual space.

Finally, remember that color and fabric can create airiness or heaviness. Light and bright – something neutral and versatile – will visually brighten your space, making it feel bigger and more open.

One More Tip

A round coffee table – or a great ottoman masquerading as a coffee table, a look we love – also makes floor space feel maximized while also balancing the room as a whole. And that’s true no matter how far away it gets from the sectional’s corner spot. You’ll enjoy the functionality, too. Everyone needs a spot for their popcorn or coffee mug!

If the idea of adding a sectional to a smaller space in your home feels daunting, we can help! At The Find in Reno, we offer complimentary space planning. Just bring in your measurements, and we’ll help you find a sectional that will work perfectly. Come in any Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and let us show you why you don’t need a big space for a big sectional.