Have you ever seen a hand-lettered sign or chalkboard outside your favorite coffeehouse or boutique reminding passersby of the benefits of shopping local? These signs are a good reminder of something we often overlook — the value of keeping your money where you live and work. Instead of adding to the coffers of some enormous corporate chain, patronizing a local business directly supports your own community in so many ways. It’s how a local family pays their mortgage, or sends their child to dance lessons and summer camp. And the truth is, skipping the big chains and shopping local here at The Find for new furniture and home decor isn’t just a good deed for the community — it’s the best way to create a style that’s truly your own.

the-find-reno-sofa-living-room-furnitureBy the Numbers

For every $100 you spend on a local business, it’s estimated that $68 of that money will return to the community simply because these are the same companies that are willing to invest in the local economy. We see it first hand. Here at The Find, we field regular requests for donations from our customers — school fundraisers, sports teams, and nonprofit organizations ask for support every year. And we’re happy to support our customers in the same way they support us.

Better Products & Service

If you overlook small, local companies when it’s time for big purchases, you aren’t entirely to blame. Big box stores and corporate chains spend millions of dollars on national ad budgets for top-of-mind placement. But consider the benefits of going local. A local shopkeeper has a vested interest in making you a very happy customer. Here at The Find, we source quality furniture and home decor that we’re proud to sell. Craftsmanship and quality matter to us in a way that may not apply to huge retailers.the-find-reno-artwork

That was the discovery in a Smart Money article called “Pottery Barn Unstuffed” that ran years ago. The piece looked at furniture from well-known lifestyle retailers like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. Both companies use glossy catalogs, skilled set designers, and professional photographers to sell an aesthetic — and it works. But the article aired a dirty little secret — the very same expensive furniture that photographed so beautifully was incredibly cheaply constructed, with thin veneers, excessive amounts of particleboard, and shoddy craftsmanship.

If you love the look, we get it. But don’t shell out big bucks for inferior furniture just to get a room straight out of the catalog. At The Find, we have stylish sofas and sectionals, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, and accessories that look the part without sacrificing quality.

Original Style

Shopping the catalog is simple, especially in this digital age. Just point and click, and boom, you’re done. But what you enjoy in convenience you lose entirely in creativity, originality, and style. You can absolutely create an aesthetic that is stylish, personal, and authentic, and we’d love to help you do it! The Find is proud to offer complimentary design assistance. We’ll work with you to create a magazine-worthy space that’s entirely original.

the-find-reno-upholstered-bedKeeping it Local

There’s nothing wrong with shopping the big box stores. But there are many, many advantages to checking out the local shops first. If you’ve seen something you adore online or in a big chain, ask us about it! Odds are good we can find something similar (and likely with far better craftsmanship). 

The Find is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and we have new inventory delivered regularly. We’re proud to stock amazing furniture and home decor, and as a local business, your business really means the world to us. We hope you’ll come in soon to see what you find.