It’s only March, but we’re ready for spring! And while we can’t do much to hurry Mother Nature along, we can go light, bright, and airy indoors. If you’re ready to spring forward — and we aren’t talking about Daylight Saving — follow these simple design tips from The Find.

Pillow Swap

Time to stash the heavy fabrics for next fall. Now is the time for linens and cool cottons in light, refreshing colors. Zippered slipcovers over down or down-alternative pillows make it easy to change the feel of your entire space.

the-find-reno-artworkMake a Statement

A statement piece that suits the season — think a new wall hanging, a fabulous new decor piece, or an airy new light fixtures — can help lighten and brighten a space.

So Fresh and So Green

Add vibrancy and beauty with fresh or faux plants and florals. The Find has a fabulous selection of faux greenery, cherry blossom branches, tulips, orchids, and succulents that offer all of the freshness of real plants with none of the drawbacks — you know, like keeping them alive. 

thethe-find-reno-faux-succulentsLighten Up the Aroma

After the warm cinnamons and peppermints of winter, citrus and lightly floral scents are a refreshing change. Incorporating light fragrance will tie in beautifully to your fresh spring aesthetic.

Pare Down

It may seem a little counter-intuitive if you’re bringing in florals and statement pieces, but spring is a season of renewal — less really is more. Aim for an aesthetic that’s bright, fresh, and clean by taking a simple, spare approach.

And Keep an Eye on the Forecast

As soon as weather permits, ditch the heavy winter sheets for something light and bright. Anything floral tends to scream spring, but light materials and bright colors will always do the trick.

The Find is open every Thursday, Friday or Saturday, and we’re bringing in all kinds of fresh new furniture and decor pieces. Come and see what you find!