the-find-reno-house-of-murphySpecial thanks to Megan Murphy for sharing her thoughts on The Find!

Megan Murphy’s beautifully curated Instagram, @houseofmurphy, deserves a round of applause. She has the modern farmhouse aesthetic down to a science, and her photos of her own stunning home and the spaces she features are pure inspiration. When we spied the sprawling sectional she found right here at The Find, we actually squealed. So imagine our reaction when she agreed to be featured in a blog post!

A Happy Accident

“I first discovered The Find through a friend years ago,” Megan says. “She needed help picking out a few things for her home and I was introduced to an amazing store I never even knew existed in Reno.”

The first thing to catch her eye? That incredible sofa, of course! “As I walked in, I was instantly drawn to this beautiful John Michael sofa that was sitting up front,” she remembers. “We had just begun the design process of our home, so I wasn’t in the market for a new sofa.” But the sectional was special enough that she couldn’t forget it, and when they neared the end of the building stage, Megan came back to place her order.

“I had the privilege of working with Stephanie,” Megan says. “She came out to our house to take a peek and help with space management and furniture placement. I already had an idea of what I wanted, but sometimes having a new set of eyes on a space can open up other ideas you may have not thought of! I love that the Find offers this complimentary service. It was also fun picking her brain for future furniture ideas!”

Anyone who stumbles across her Instagram can see that Megan clearly has an eye for design. And those fortunate enough to know her personally definitely benefit. “Ever since I started my Instagram account, I began helping friends with decorating their own homes,” she says. The best part? “I always send them to The Find, where I am confident they will be able to find something that they will want to incorporate into their rooms. It’s truly a gem in Reno. The furniture and decor are amazing quality at really great prices, and they cater to so many different styles that are all equally eye-catching. Unique visions require envy-inducing pieces, and you can only find these at The Find.”

the-find-reno-house-of-murphy-reviewWhile Megan makes it all seem effortless, buying furniture and creating a cohesive design aesthetic can be intimidating. “Buying furniture can be extremely stressful,” she says. “It’s reassuring when The Find comes to help. And it’s so nice to have a store in Reno that I can call when I need something specific. They can pretty much find whatever you need!”

About that IG Account…

Megan’s appeal on the thriving social media platform is clear — and it’s not just her innate design savvy. “I do know that I am relatable,” she says. “I’m a busy mom with a love of home decor and decorating on a budget. I love making my spaces inviting, fresh, and attainable. I pick items for my home that fit in with our lifestyle.” She just happens to do so with incredible style, and she’s happy to let others in on her secrets. “For some, it’s easier to see what others do to gather ideas for their own homes,” she says. “I make it easier for them!”

Megan describes her home as a mix of traditional, classic, and touches of modern farmhouse. “I wanted to keep it timeless,” she explains. “I love neutral finishes and adding hints of colored textiles. It’s an easy pallet to decorate for all the different seasons!”

We love the look, and we had to ask — what’s next for @houseofmurphy? “I’m not really sure just yet of my goals on this platform,” Megan shares. “It’s all so new to me! I do know that I love inspiring and helping others, so I’ll continue to share my love of home decorating and hopefully start sprinkling in a few other things that bring me joy!”

We seriously can’t wait.