Special thanks to Tammy Jackson for her review of The Find. She’s been a fan and friend of The Find since 2007, and we so appreciate sharing her story.

A home set above the Truckee River in west Reno has a wonderful history and a story that’s recently come full circle. As a young girl, Tammy Jackson lived in the home her arthe-find-reno-tammy-jackson-reviewchitect father designed and built. Over a twenty-year span, the house passed through three other families before going up for sale once again in late 2018. The proud new owners? None other than Tammy and her husband. After moving in, she immediately set about putting her own stamp on the stunning design — and The Find played a pivotal role.

“My personal design aesthetic across the board would have to be cozy,” laughs Tammy. “I love layers and texture and most of all I want myself, my family and any person who walks through my door to feel at home. I truly want people to feel like they don’t want to leave. I’ve gone through phases and trends with my design in every home we’ve lived in, but cozy has always been what I was aiming for.”

The river home, on a hidden and aptly-named road called Aspen Glen, posed a unique set of design challenges. “By design, this particular house is so much different from our former home, where we lived for 21 years and raised our four children,” says Tammy. Her father designed and built the classic midcentury modern home in the late 70s. “It has an abundance of warm woods, natural stone, large windows and unobstructed views of the Truckee River and surrounding mountains,” says Tammy. “The trick was to accentuate all of the elements that were permanent fixtures in the house — rock wall, cork wall, decorative wood walls, etc. — without overpowering anything, and all while allowing the outdoor views and nature to be the star of the show.”

the-find-reno-tammy-jackson-review-1Because the house was such a design pivot, Tammy was essentially beginning anew. “Very few items from our former home made the move with us,” she says, “because the style or color simply wouldn’t work in this house. A unique home requires a unique store, right? I knew The Find would be a place that could fill some of the empty spots.”

Tammy had discovered The Find in its early days. “My neighbor purchased a gorgeous living room set that was unlike anything I had ever seen in Reno,” she says. “I often went to The Find throughout the years. I always love the ‘feel’ of the store. The space is huge, but all of the vignettes are so cozy, so you know I enjoy it! After I began following The Find on social media, I found the posts of featured items not only gives me ideas for gifts or special items, they also give me inspiration for design.”

Tammy has an eye for decor — she’s known for her stunning celebrations, and her attention to detail isn’t limited to her parties. She was more than up for the challenge of making her childhood home hers again, and she was conscious of doing it in a way that honored the integrity of the home’s original design. “Any updating we’ve done or and the purchases we’ve made, I have tried to stay true to the feeling of, ‘it looks like it belongs here,’ ” she explains. “The pieces I’ve purchased from The Find have been the perfect additions.”

the-find-reno-tammy-jackson-review-1For the Aspen Glen home, The Find has been a wonderful source for home decor, but there are two purchases that Tammy describes as the most impactful. The first, a trio of oversized, framed prints of aspen trees, “were meant to be a purchase,” Tammy says. “We had the perfect wall in our entry to display them.  When you walk closer to the wall, the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows on either side at the back of the house come into view and you see the Truckee River, mountains and trees. One would think that those prints were commissioned especially for this house.”

Her second find was a pair of metal and crystal lamps. “Though not at all midcentury in design, the lamps add the perfect soft and feminine touch to an otherwise masculine space,” she explains. “The wood and rock walls and wood and beam ceiling can seem dark and heavy, but these beautiful lamps have been the perfect touch.”

Both purchases were a bit of an accident. “Ironically, my last trip in was to find a piece for my entry,” she says, “but I left with framed prints, then returned for lamps that I couldn’t get out of my head after seeing them on the floor. Each of those items were not planned, but always commented on by my guests! It’s true that you’ll never know what you’ll find at The Find.”

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