Design experts across the industry are dropping their predictions for design trends in 2020, and we’re already getting excited. Kiss the sweet pinks and overdone brass of the last few years buh-bye — 2020 is all about warm, natural tones, natural elements, and a refined yet lived-in aesthetic. Here are the four design trends of 2020 we already love.

the-find-reno-swiveling-club-chairsColor Swap

Color is back! If you’re over the gray-on-gray look, good news. You’ll be fashionably on point with a warm palette and rich accent colors. That means various shades of brown, wine, green, and even a rich, muted yellow. Don’t panic — we aren’t talking primary colors everywhere. Bring in these warm shades by infusing your home decor with elements of the great outdoors. Wicker is back in a big way, and The Find has a fabulous selection of decor pieces that are at once vibrant and natural.

Natural Character

That refined, lived-in thing is achieved with high quality pieces that have developed character and patina — think aged leather and rustic weathering. The home shouldn’t simply be a showpiece — it’s a home above all, and we all deserve to feel more at ease in how we function in our own homes.

Performance Fabrics

In keeping with the character of a home that’s truly lived in, now is the time to embrace performance fabrics! We’re proud to offer beautiful sectionals, sofas, and chairs with revolutionary performance fabrics that make these pieces functional for the whole family — pets included! Don’t sacrifice style. With performance fabrics, you can enjoy luxurious living all over the home, without having to police who touches what.

the-find-reno-upholstered-bedThe Bedroom Focus

We spend half of our lives in bed, which is reason enough to make it an oasis. Update the bed, upgrade the mattress, and splurge on sheet sets that you’ll sink into gratefully night after night. Ask us about REM Sleep Solutions — luxurious mattresses that promote pressure-relieving sleep.

Ready to embrace 2020? We know the feeling! Visit The Find in Reno every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and see what you can find to start incorporating the year’s fresh new design trends into your home. It’s going to be a great year!