Hands up if you kind of look forward to the organizing and decluttering that comes after Christmas. We love the season, with its stunning sights and scents, but transitioning to winter decor after the big day feels like its own breath of fresh air. Still, going from a home fully decked out for the holidays to a bare, post-Christmas aesthetic in a day or two can feel a little startling. Here are our three tips for transitioning to winter decor after Christmas.

the-find-reno-faux-floral-arrangementsCreate a Calmer Palette

Aim for a cooler, calmer palette — think silvers, grays, whites, and creams. It’s still festive, but it’s far more understated and subdued after the bright reds and greens of the holiday season. The real key is stashing all the red — it’s the color most associated with Christmas.

Toning down your decor after the full-on approach of Christmas will contribute to a calmer atmosphere. Keep things smaller, subtler, simpler. Mercury glass accents, clear and pale glass and ceramic elements, and natural decor pieces will all work beautifully.

Add Florals

Add flowers and greenery to energize a space for a fresh feeling. And if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t stress — The Find carries a truly spectacular selection of faux florals for all of the appeal with none of the work. Come and browse our faux succulents, orchids, tulips, cherry branches, and mixed arrangements. A few here and there will immediately brighten your space, adding vibrancy and interest — no water required!

the-find-reno-cozy-blankets-pillowsKeep Things Cozy

The seasonal decor may be stashed for another year, but winter calls for cuddly throws and cozy pillows. There’s nothing better! Keep your home cozy and inviting with extra pillows on sofas, benches, and occasional chairs. A throw artfully arranged across the back of the sofa or chair, across the foot of the bed, or in a basket is appealing to the eye and invites you to curl up.

Remember, there are no rules for winter decor. Do what feels right in your home, and make it easy by stashing the blatant Christmas decor first (remember — put away the red). The Find is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday with great deals on the last of our holiday decor (get a jump start for next year!), plus amazing pieces for a bright and happy New Year. We hope you’ll come in and see what you find.