Pulling together a great space isn’t always easy. There are design rules and best practices, but so much of it is intuitive. Still, understanding a few basic principles can keep things balanced and cohesive. If you’re wondering exactly where to start with the design in your space, this decor hack changes everything.

the-find-reno-home-decorBuild from the Ground Up

In other words, your design should begin with the floor. Think about it – you may have beautiful pieces, a great layout and the most perfect accessories, but if it’s all arranged on a shoddy old carpet, that’s what will stand out the most. As you create a space, deciding on the floor covering should be step one. Your choice here will limit or open your options for the space, no matter what covering you choose (Harwood, tile, carpeting, stone, etc.).

It’s often overlooked, but flooring really does dictate layering in a space. Go with something neutral, and you have virtually endless options in terms of color and upholstery for your furniture pieces. Incorporating a beloved antique rug? Use it for color inspiration.

It’s natural for people to build a space around something like the sofa or upholstered chairs. But you have far more flexibility if you start with the floor covering. And the trouble with overlooking the floor is all too often an unintended circus effect, with a chaotic feel that comes from too many things happening (and often clashing).

Design Advice from The Find

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