A well-designed space is something we can all appreciate, but some people seem to have a knack for taking design above and beyond. The secret is often in the little details — the finishing touches that really pull everything together to make something special. Today, we’re sharing our five favorite finishing touches. Because once you know, you know.

animal-artwork-the-find-renoSpruce Up the Walls

A single fantastic piece of art, a gallery wall of personal photos, an oversized mirror — the options are absolutely endless. An expanse of empty wall space can seem stark and glaring in an otherwise well-designed space. If you’re playing up a striking architectural feature, that’s one thing, but otherwise, consider how you can put those walls to use.

Add a Tray

A tray walks the line between form and function, adding elements like color and texture while serving as a home base for various items. On the coffee table, it’s a great spot for remotes and a few decor pieces. The overall effect is intentional without being over the top.

Focus on Fragrance

Fresh flowers, candles, essential oil diffusers — these are all designer tricks to truly finish a space. Engage your senses on another level by incorporating a delicate fragrance. It’s an easy way to create an inviting, appealing space.

the-find-reno-faux-arrangementGreen Up

There’s something about adding greenery to a space. And the hands-down easiest way to do it is by mixing fresh and faux. Invest in a few really great faux succulents or plants — they’ll never fade and they don’t need any work beyond the occasional dusting — and then add a fresh arrangement. The effect is lush and beautiful, all with half the work.

Play with Texture

One of the best ways to add visual interest is with a little texture. Think handmade pottery, chunky throws, faux fur throw pillows, woven baskets — anything that makes you want to reach out and touch it.

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