If you’re planning the bedroom, you know you’ll need the bed frame and linens, nightstands, maybe a dresser. But don’t overlook the space near the foot of the bed — it’s prime design real estate and the right piece will bump up style and function. From trunks to benches to baskets, there’s no right or wrong way to style this spot. And to help you get started, here are a few of our go-to style ideas for the foot of the bed.

the-find-reno-bench-with-shelfUse a Gorgeous Bench

We love the combination of rustic/industrial metal and cozy upholstery in these benches, which come in varying lengths and widths, plus options for shelves or drawers. They serve as a stylish focal point and offer spare storage — not to mention, a great spot to perch when you’re trying on shoes.

If you go the bench route, you have endless options. Keep it super simple and pair it with a chic woven basket tucked underneath. Dress it up with a pillow and throw. Go for something generously sized to make it a great spot for lounging. Whatever the look, a bench at the foot of the bed is a great spot for a little personality.

the-find-reno-upholstered-trunkOpt for Trunk Space

A true trunk offers hidden storage space for winter/summer gear, and it can pull double duty as a spot to sit or display a few treasures, depending on the height. Again, you have options here. A vintage steamer trunk offers its own style, as does a stacked set of smaller chests.

Try an Oversized Basket

A big basket or woven hamper strategically placed off center at the foot of the bed is a great place to stash extra pillows and blankets.

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