sectional-sofa-the-find-renoSectional sofas have come a long way. Instead of the enormous pleather monstrosities with built-in cupholders of decades past, today’s sectionals – and especially the ones here at The Find in Reno – are amazingly stylish, with multiple configurations and upholstery options to truly suit your home and your style. But there is a downside. How can you decide between a sectional and two sofas or a sofa and chairs? We have a few tips to help make the decision a little easier.

First, the Basics

While both the sofa and the sectional are upholstered pieces of furniture, the sofa typically seats three people. The sectional has a modular design, with two or more pieces coming together at a ninety-degree angle to create an L or U shape – which means room for a lot of people. At The Find, many of our beautiful sofas and sectionals can be customized with your choice of fabrics and accessories, so narrowing down your options means considering a few other factors.the-find-reno-best-furniture-store

Sofa vs Sectional

  • Consider your personal preference – Many people tend to either adore sectionals, or downright hate them. And while either can be styled beautifully to match your home, sofas can typically be used in more formal settings. Sectionals tend to make rooms feel a little more casual, and they serve as strong visual anchors in a space.
  • Consider how you’re using the space – Is it a room for lounging and watching television, or will you be entertaining guests here regularly? Sectionals are a great lounge option, but keep in mind that most spots don’t have arm rests. If that’s an issue because you won’t be crowding together a bunch of family members, two sofas may be a better option.
  • Consider the logistics – Avoid eyeballing the room, and opt instead for creating a detailed floor plan of your space before you make a purchase. At The Find, we offer free space planning services so you know you’re buying the best seating option.

If you know either option will fit, and you still can’t make a decision about the best option for you, consider the overall effect. Rooms can look bigger and more spacious with two sofas or a sofa and chairs because of the space around all of these furniture elements. Sectionals tend to create denser spaces, so the room looks fuller yet cozy at the same time. Ask yourself, which seems like a better option for your space?

At The Find in Reno, we have beautiful sofas and sectionals that will suit any space. Come in, see what we have on hand, and ask us about what we can order for you. You can customize almost anything, and we’re happy to offer recommendations. We’re open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and we hope you stop by soon to see what you find!