the-find-reno-reviews-spatial-planning-servicesSpecial thanks to Marilyn York for her review of The Find! We were fortunate to work with her on spacial planning in her beautiful home.

The first time Marilyn visited The Find, she was attending an art show for Emily Reid. “I couldn’t believe my eyes!” she says. “The furniture was stunning and so comfortable. I immediately wanted to refinish my entire home. I didn’t think I would be able to afford to! But her furniture is so much more affordable than it looks and feels.” So when Marilyn bought an amazing home several years after her first visit to The Find, she knew exactly where to go for help with space planning and a few custom furniture pieces.

“Stephanie literally saved my house,” says Marilyn. “I ended up buying my parents’ house and was entirely out of sorts about how to furnish it. The spaces are huge compared to my prior home and I only knew how not to furnish it – like a rec room as they had. Stephanie came over, looked at the furniture I had and did spacial planning for me at no cost. She drew a floor plan and told me exactly what would work best. Then I ordered custom pieces from her that worked perfectly and they were no more expensive than other local nice non-custom furniture that isn’t half as pretty or comfortable. She even helped me figure out where my lighting should go and saved me from hanging it too low. My house is stunning and so livable thanks to her. Truly – these rooms are very strange and impossible for untrained people to furnish.”

the-find-reno-reviews-spatial-planningIt’s high praise indeed, especially considering Marilyn’s self-proclaimed interior design and architecture obsession. “I read about 30 design magazines from all over the world each month,” she explains. “I have personally remodeled and decorated many homes and offices and thought I had a decent handle on doing so. Stephanie’s spacial and lighting design saved me! I was at a complete loss with my current home and I would have entirely screwed it up without her. This is the first time I have relinquished control too and it was so easy and crucial. I’m forever grateful. She has such a talent and it comes so naturally for her. I just can’t believe she didn’t charge me to do it.”

the-find-reno-reviewsFrom the complimentary spacial planning to furniture recommendations and guidance, Stephanie worked with Marilyn every step of the way. And the experience as a whole made quite the impression. “Buying furniture from anywhere else is a mistake,” Marilyn says. “No store has as much inventory and what isn’t on the showroom floor she can show you and order for you. It’s like the Starbucks of furniture stores – you can order exactly what you want, love and need for your home – and tweak everything just right. Even better, Stephanie will help you figure out what you don’t know but need to about how to design and fit it into your home and lifestyle. She talked me into having a custom table built to go behind my couch for my kids and they use it everyday. It’s my favorite piece and I had never even seen such a table before.”

the-find-reno-reviews-spatial-planning-serviceFor fourteen years, The Find has been Reno’s best-kept secret for stylish furniture and home decor, and it continues to stand apart in quality and reputation. “It’s truly like no other,” says Marilyn. “She can match any style and taste.” And then there’s the complimentary design assistance. “Stephanie will solve any furniture find need – unlike other stores that lack the help. She has everything and the quality is unbelievable.”