The sectional sofa is having a moment, and we are completely here for it. But because some people hear “sectionals” and still think “huge and ugly (and possibly with cupholders),” The Find in Reno is here to clarify a few important details about the sectional sofas in our store. Here are 10 reasons we love sectionals – and we think you will too.

sectional-sofa-the-find-renoSectional Sofa Pros

  1. Sectionals are ideal for open floor plans – and those are everywhere. But they can beautifully anchor smaller spaces, too! With so many configurations and choices in terms of scale, the versatility means you have options.
  2. Sectionals work well in spaces with unique shapes. Again, the configuration options with today’s sectionals means they work in so many different ways.
  3. You can seat a crowd – and then some.
  4. Today’s options in style and scale means the sectional can work across multiple design aesthetics.
  5. They have a casual, cozy vibe that invites people to lounge and watch movies.
  6. Even on smaller sectionals, seating options are generous. That makes napping, relaxing, reading, or just watching television a treat.
  7. The corner spot maximizes seating – and is usually the spot everyone wants to be!
  8. They can provide a visual anchor in spaces with lofty ceilings.
  9. They offer a fun, stylish alternative to the more traditional sofa/loveseat/chair arrangement.
  10. You get more seating bang for your buck, since you aren’t stuck buying additional seating options to accompany your sofa.

And because it would just be bad form to share only the benefits of sectional sofas, here are the potential drawbacks.

  1. If you’re the re-arranging type, a sectional sofa may limit your ability to shuffle pieces around.
  2. Moving homes may be an issue as well, if your sectional doesn’t fit the layout of the new space.
  3. If your style aesthetic is formal, a sectional may feel too casual.

If you’re considering a new sofa, sectionals are worth a look! The Find is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and we invite you to visit us on Longley Lane to browse our sectionals and sofas. We have a fabulous selections, and we’re happy to help you choose just the right piece. Customize configuration, fabrics, and details for a sofa that will work beautifully with your space and your lifestyle.