Breathe new life into your main living space with these simple tips from The Find. From simple re-organization and refreshing to big-time renovations, here’s how to prepare this go-to room for a brand new year.

the-find-reno-living-roomGet Organized

Take some time to figure out the true purpose and function of your living space. Is this a media room, or a place for the family to spend time together? Is it more formal, an area for entertaining? Figuring out how the room functions makes it easy to decide what pieces should stay (and where they should go), and what should find a new home.

Flow is another thing to consider. Ideally, you should be able to store items where they’ll be used – throws and blankets in a basket near the sofa, for example, or media elements near the television. By incorporating “zones,” you’ll keep things accessible and tidy. Plus, it’s easier to eliminate all the stuff you don’t need. Avoid clutter by clearing out the things that don’t belong in any of the room’s zones, and keep decorative pieces to a stylish minimum.

the-find-reno-mirrored-hutchGet Stylish

Refresh your living room space with color – a new paint color, say, or throw pillows and slipcovers. A rug or new decor item can also bring in a fresh new element. Replacing old hardware is an easy, inexpensive way to update a space, and updating light fixtures can have a dramatic impact as well.

If you’ve been dreaming of serious updates, built-in cabinetry and shelving are a great way to add function and appeal. Would you rather avoid something permanent? Big storage pieces like armoires and sideboards are a great alternative. Here at The Find, we have a wonderful selection of furniture pieces to update your living room, as well as lighting and decor options.

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