the-find-reno-entryway-tableIt’s natural for the entryway to become a catch-all for the whole family’s junk, from shoes and purses to backpacks, mail and keys. Still, the entryway is also where guests are greeted, and it may be the first thing you see when you come home. You deserve to walk in on a beautiful, organized space, so try these tips from The Find Reno for organizing the entryway.

First Things First

Getting organized in the entryway begins with a bit of reflection. If you’re part of the problem – kicking off shoes and dropping your bag and the mail on the nearest surface the second you get in the door – then you’ll want to design a solution to accommodate for those habits. Then, start by tackle those issues one at a time.

  • Mail – A simple basket or even a pretty found bucket is a great spot for non-urgent mail. Tuck everything in there instead of any flat surface, then start a new habit of sorting it weekly.
  • the-find-reno-hall-treeCoats & bags – If you don’t have a closet in your entryway, hang hooks along the wall or consider adding a beautiful, functional storage piece like this hall tree if you have enough space.
  • Shoes – Oversized baskets tucked beneath entryway tables are a great option if you have the space.For extra organization, opt for individual baskets to everyone’s stuff separated. Just remember that your front door should be able to open completely, with the hallway open and clear. Don’t add so many elements to your entryway that there’s no room left to move.

Styling Tips

Once you’ve figured out how to organize the chaos, make it pretty! A well-light entryway makes for a wonderful welcome for you and guests, so upgrade light fixtures or add a table lamp. Use a mirror to reflect light around a small space (it’ll also come in handy for last-minute checks before you head out the door). And remember function – seating in the entryway is never wasted. You’ll find that it’s far the-find-reno-entryway-pewmore comfortable to put on and take off shoes from a bench or chair. A bench like this one pulls double duty thanks to those handy drawers!

Architectural details can go a long way in an entry – think wainscoting to play up those hooks and basket. Even simple trim or headboard can add a dash of style.

The Find in Reno is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We have beautiful hall trees, baskets and other pieces that may work beautifully in your entryway. Come and see what you find!