the-find-reno-leather-sofaLeather furniture makes a statement, no question, but traditional leather pieces can feel visually heavy and formal. On the other hand, leather furniture is a great option for homes with kids, and it’s easy to clean. The right leather piece can be really grounding to a space with lots of accents.┬áBut if you feel like your leather pieces are weighing things down, try these tips from The Find in Reno to balance your space with simple layering and accessorizing tricks.

Lighten Up

If your leather furniture is on the dark side, add balance by bringing in lighter shades (and actual light). Cream coffee or side tables, paler walls, pillows and throws, and nearby task lighting are all ways to even things out.

the-find-reno-leather-furnitureAdd Visual Space

We’re not huge fans of furniture sets as it is, and matching leather furniture can make a space feel dark and formal. Lighten up the visual weight by breaking up sets and using different pieces in other areas. For example, chic upholstered chairs will set off that leather sofa for a thoughtful, interesting design.

Work in Layers

Don’t let a huge leather chair or sofa dominate the space – just add layers. Incorporating other furnishings (console tables, ottomans, bookcases, rugs, and decor pieces like faux succulents, artwork and lighting) creates an interesting, balanced effect with plenty of contrast and texture. Remember, if you need to balance something heavy, add something light and airy.

Come to The Find in Reno to check out our selection of leather furniture. From beautiful chairs to sofas to ottomans, we can help you find exactly the right leather piece for your space. And with these tips, you’ll be able to style it perfectly!