Wood finishes – in flooring, furniture, even decor items – come in all kinds of colors, grains and textures. And while variety is the spice of life, is there a secret to mixing different wood finishes in your home decor – and doing it well? There are no firm rules to follow, but here are our suggestions for mixing varying wood finishes like a pro.

the-find-reno-dining-room-tableLet the Grain Guide You

Take a look at the grain pattern in your wood finishes. In general, a tighter, finer grain has a more formal tone, while a larger, looser grain comes off as more casual. Different finishes can work together beautifully when they all share the same “mood,” so get a feel for each piece individually before you start decorating your space.

Undertones Rule

Complementing is key, so look to the undertones of a wood’s coloring. Whether you’re considering the wood floors or this gorgeous table, decide whether each element is warm or cool in tone. No matter what the finish, a good rule of thumb when mixing wood is to match undertones.

Smooth Transitions

Layering is an essential part of great home decor, and it can make all the difference in a space with lots of wood finishes. Create a buffer between the wooden floor and the huge farmhouse table in your kitchen with a rug to break thing up. It’ll create a bit of visual relief from all of that wood.


Keep it Simple

Avoid the log cabin look by opting for two or three finishes in a space, and work in the same tones throughout the area in other ways – the same color in the draperies, decor items, other furniture pieces, artwork, etc. This will help create balance.

Add a Little White

White anything – paint, furniture, decor, whatever – will tone down too many wood finishes. Plus, white and wood are one of those great design pairings.

At The Find in Reno, we have an amazing selection of furniture and home decor items in beautiful wood finishes. Come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday to see how we style our wooden pieces, and get a little inspiration to take home.