Living spaces in a home are among those we use the most. And in a room with heavy traffic, a good layout with proper furniture spacing and placement is key. If your space feels off in some way, but you aren’t sure why, check out these best practices for a well-designed living space.

Clear the Entryways & Remember the Three-Foot Rule

Make the room feel welcoming from the second you step inside by clearing all entry points into the space. If you have to navigate around furniture, remember the rule of three feet. This design rule holds that we need three feet of walking space in a room, with no risk of running into furniture or bumping into walls, in order to feel comfortable. Furniture with doors or drawers also follow this rule – there should be plenty of space to open doors and drawers without banging them into something.

unusual-beautiful-lighting-the-find-renoFloat the Furniture & Consider Lighting

It’s common to see furniture pushed against the wall, leaving a wide open space in the middle of a room. For a cozier, more inviting effect, keep your sofa or seating at least one foot from the wall, or try arranging your furniture in a more interesting placement that establishes a focal point.

Mind cords for task lighting, and keep lamps sized appropriately for the room. Adding additional lighting is typically a smart move, just be thoughtful in the purpose of the lights you add.

Adding Rugs?

When it comes to area rugs, all legs should be on or off to avoid wobbly furniture. Avoid running edges or corners of your rug into walkways to reduce the odds of tripping someone up.

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