It’s a look often spied in the pages of splashy design magazines or on home decorating shows – two beautiful sofas facing one another. But is it a furniture arrangement you’ve ever considered trying in your own home? Here are four great reasons to try the sofa-facing-sofa arrangement. 

It’s an automatic anchor

Using two sofas facing each other, particularly in an open floor plan, has the instant effect of anchoring the space to give the feel of a smaller room-within-a-room. Clearly defined areas in wide open spaces bring a sense of purpose and function.


It bring symmetry to casual spaces

A bit of symmetry in an otherwise casual space can make a room feel nicely pulled together. Pairing laid-back sofas – think linen upholstery or a mishmash of oversized pillows – with this structured placement is an interesting contrast.

It encourages socializing

Curling up on a comfy sofa across from family and friends promotes socializing in the most natural, comfortable way.

It emphasizes a focal point

The symmetry of this furniture arrangement has the added benefit of highlighting a room’s focal point, such as a dramatic fireplace.


How to try it at home

If you have a sofa and a love seat, you can still try the sofa-facing-sofa furniture placement. Try this tip – arrange the sofa and love seat so that they’re facing one another and in line with one another on one end. On the other end of the love seat, add a side table to even out the arrangement. Incorporate a coffee table and an odd chair, with a sofa table (if you have one) behind the sofa and accessories like lamps and decor. It should work beautifully, creating plenty of visual contrast for interest without looking overly decorated.

Another option is to face two matching chairs to the sofa, or facing each other across  a coffee table. It’s another way to benefit from a symmetrical layout while keeping things interesting.

At The Find in Reno, we have a wonderful selection of sofas and chairs to create a stylish, comfortable home however you choose to arrange it. Come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday to see what you find.

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