For years, The Find has been a go-to for stylish furniture in northern Nevada. From dining tables to sofas, beds to decor, it’s our area’s best-kept secret for the perfect piece of furniture and amazing home decor. And now, we have big news!

This spring, you’ll be able to furnish not just your home with amazing finds from The Find, but your outdoor spaces too. We’re bringing you some of the most amazing outdoor furniture we’ve ever seen. This year, give your outdoor space a whole new look with dining and seating options from Plank & Hide Company, only at The Find in Reno.

plank-and-hide-outdoor-furniture-reno-the-findPlank & Hide is a casual outdoor furniture line that’s designed to perform fabulously for years – and look great doing it. And get this – while the furniture is manufactured to look exactly like wood or stone (even up close!), it’s actually made of a proprietary composite substrate that comes with a list of benefits about a mile.

SIMA® gives you the aesthetic of wood and stone with none of the drawbacks associated with these materials in outdoor furniture. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance and offers amazing resilience to the elements. And Plank & Hide furniture collections are all green! All SIMA® products are eco-friendly – manufactured completely free of formaldehyde, asbestos and benzene, with a fabrication process that uses sustainable materials in a low carbon, low emissions process for a reduced carbon footprint.

The Plank & Hide outdoor collections offer supreme water resistance, so even extensive exposure won’t deform, decay or disintegrate your fab new table. They’re also mold, moth and termite proof, and corrosion-resistant. No need to worry that your gorgeous new seating will be home to insects!

Your options for finding outdoor furniture in Reno have just improved dramatically. Skip the usual places this season, and head to The Find for outdoor furniture that will not only stand out, but last for years!

We’re so excited to be bringing you this amazing outdoor collection. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram (@thefindreno) for updates and pictures.