It’s standard wisdom – if you have children and pets, buy upholstered pieces in serviceable fabrics that will hide stains. Well, consider that outdated advice. Today’s fabrics are designed to look and feel amazing and perform just as well. And when you’re talking about revolution performance fabric by STI – which is now available on Robert Michael Ltd furniture right here at The Find in Reno – it gets even better. So how do you live with white upholstery and kids and pets? With this incredible fabric, it’s easy!

This isn’t your average performance fabric. You won’t mistake it for the kind of fabric designed for outdoor furniture. The texture is stylish, the colors are versatile, and even the palest options – creams and whites – are made to last. And even better, there are no questionable chemicals applied to fight stains and fading.

But don’t take our word for it. One of our customers bought a beautiful chair in white, and it’s been in her house – along with four kids under age eight, and two black dogs – for nearly five months. Here’s her feedback.

“This fabric is ridiculous! Not only does the color make me feel like a grown-up in the best way, but the fabric does what exactly what they said it would do. Twice, I’ve had to clean up chocolate-y finger smears and it was a cinch. Blot, dab, done. I was worried that the arm on the high-traffic side would start to look dingy, but there’s no difference from one side to the other, and I haven’t had to do anything to keep it that way. It’s my favorite chair in the house! I’m so glad we took a chance on something so light.”

Want more proof? Owner and designer of The Find and mom of two, Stephanie Angold, has an entire couch in this material – and it’s white too.

No lie, this is one impressive fabric, with the kind of benefits and features anyone would want on their upholstered pieces:

  • Lifetime stain-resistance
  • No chemicals
  • Bleach safe and easy to clean
  • Exceptional durability, even to sunlight damage
  • Smallest carbon footprint
  • Made 100% in the USA

Come in to The Find Reno Thursday, Friday and Saturday to see these beautiful fabric swatches and check out our line of Robert Michael LTD furniture. You’ll be so glad you did.