We brought back some beautiful decorative screens from our last trip to market, and today we’re sharing our tips for putting them to stylish, functional use in your home.

  • Create distinction in a large area

So many homes today have an open floor plan, which can sometimes have drawbacks. Use a decorative screen to separate a dining space from the living area, or turn a corner of your bedroom into a home office. A screen used to designate a dressing area is a glamorous touch as well. And you can also use a strategically placed screen as a way to direct the flow of traffic in your space.

the-find-reno-decorative-screenPro tip: Decorative screens that let light in will help keep your space airy, even as it makes distinctions.

  • Keep eyesores hidden

Decorative screens can be used to hide unappealing elements in a room, and those that allow for light to stream in can also be used to block windows that overlook sights best left unseen (like the freeway or a parking lot). You can also use a screen to keep things like cords and uneven walls out of sight.

  • Make a visual statement

Using a screen is an easy way to add visual interest to a plain wall. You can bring colors, patterns and textures into your space when your decorative screen doubles as art. Try tucking a screen into a corner with an angled chair in front, or placing it flush to the wall.

Pro tip: If you have a sofa that’s situated diagonally in the corner of a room, using a decorative screen behind the sofa will get rid of that triangular gap, which can be visually jarring. Plus, you’ll have a useful spot to stash things like extra pillows and blankets.

Come in to The Find Thursday, Friday and Saturday to see our beautiful decorative screens. If you’re looking for something specific, we’re happy to help!