A new sofa is often a big purchase, and it can take months of looking before you feel satisfied you’re making the right choice. Unless you opt for a semi-custom sofa. Think about it – browsing the big box stores or looking online means endless sizes, configurations, colors, fabrics, scales – how can you be sure you’re making the right call? Having a sofa made just for you, your space, and your family is probably the best choice. Here’s why.

the-find-reno-sectional-sofaThe Beauty of Semi-Custom Sofas

When you buy new furniture right off the floor, you have the immediate satisfaction of taking it home with you (or, more likely, having it delivered). You can sit on it in the store and inspect it closely, toss around the pillows, and generally get a good idea of a specific sofa. On the downside, with a sofa you buy off the floor, what you see is what you get. That means things like scale, configuration and fabric choice come as they are. Shopping online has its own risks and disadvantages –¬†you have to wait for delivery, and you have to hope that the photography and styling didn’t overly flatter the piece you chose (and that your measurements are true!). On the other hand, you may get a great deal.

But going semi-custom for that new sofa typically gets you the best of both worlds. Here at The Find in Reno, we have a selection of stunning sofas on the floor that showcase some of the options available. Our designers are pleased to offer complimentary design assistance to help you nail down the right style, configuration, scale, and fabrics, so that you know with certainty you’re getting the perfect sofa for your needs. They’ll help you visualize the sofa of your dreams, and you can be sure the final product will match – or exceed – the vision in your head.

the-find-reno-sectional-sofaChoose from our incredible selection of fabrics and multiple sizes and configurations. Looking for something that will seat a crowd? Check out our sectionals! What about something with a cozy chaise for cuddling up on movie night? Just specify left or right-facing. On the hunt for something a little smaller, or you’re dying for an amazing leather piece? We can do that, too.

When you shop at The Find, you can sit on our sofas to consider the right size, configuration, and fabric options. And by going semi-custom, you can ensure you get something special, unique, and just right for your space and your needs. We invite you to come in any Thursday, Friday or Saturday to explore our sofa options and see why going semi-custom really is the best option.