Have you ever walked into someone’s home and been amazed – and envious – by its style? Decorating can be challenging for many of us. We know it when we see it, but trying to put it all together for ourselves seems close to impossible. Following design rules can help, but decorating is more art than science. Here are three easy decorating mistakes – and how to avoid them.

rustic-bench-the-find-renoOverlooking Texture

Color tends to play a dominant role when you’re putting together the pieces in a room, but texture can be just as important. When you consider the elements that really pull a space together, it tends to be pieces and details that are heavy on the texture – nubby fabrics, rustic woods, fabulous faux pillows. It’s the texture of these pieces that add visual interest and appeal.

Trying to Match Everything

Trying to match everything in a space creates a boring, dated aesthetic. It’s a throwback to the 50s and 60s, when matching furniture sets were all the rage. These days, the focus isn’t on matching everything, but creating a cohesive look with different pieces that all work well together. It’s a small change in perspective, but it can have a big pay-off in terms of style.

the-find-reno-bedroom-furniture-and-decorForgetting to Factor for Scale

Scale is a reference to the floor space a piece takes up, but more importantly, its visual weight and the manner in which it relates to other objects in a space. Scale is critical for big and small pieces, too. Too many tiny odds and ends in a big space feel random and miniature, and the same arrangement in a smaller space can feel cramped and chaotic. Once you start factoring for visual weights, it’s a lot easier to pull together a balanced effect.

If all of this is making sense in theory, but the thought of putting it into practice sounds intimidating  we get it! We offer complimentary space planning and design consultation, so take advantage of it! Our professional designers are on hand to help you create a style that works for your home and budget. Come in any Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and ask about our complimentary design assistance.