There’s no shortage of options when you’re furniture shopping in Reno and Tahoe. But just because there are options ranging from small boutiques up to big box stores doesn’t make finding the right piece (at the right price) any easier. What’s more, the bottom line isn’t always the best way to know you’re getting a good deal. Read on for three keys to furniture shopping in Reno and Tahoe.

the-find-reno-stylish-furnitureBe Choosy

Those big box stores with the billboards and the radio spots and the television commercials have cornered the market by being everything to everyone – a one-stop shop for flooring, appliances, mattresses, and oh yeah, furniture! These places are purveyors of mass-produced, cookie-cutter furniture in matching sets, which is one of the least imaginative or personal way to decorate, ever.

We get it. Furniture shopping can feel a little overwhelming sometimes, and we all tend to be a little impatient. But pulling together an entire home, or even an entire room, doesn’t always happen in a day. And that’s okay! The most cohesive, stylish and personal decor tends to come together over time. And if you want a vision to build from, The Find here in Reno can help. Ask us about our complimentary design services!

Quality, Quality, Quality

Practicing patience has another benefit too. It means you’re making better choices, which often means you can splash out on  higher-quality pieces that will last. Don’t be fooled by those glossy catalogs! Shop carefully, ask questions, and do what you can to steer well clear of veneers, particleboard and composite construction. That’s particularly important if you’re shopping online.

With bigger pieces, consider spending your money on the pieces that will last. As with most things, the cheapest option is rarely the best option.

the-find-reno-chaise-sofaBe a Social Butterfly

If you’re a Facebook or Instagram fan, check out the accounts for any local shops that interest you. You’ll stay connected on updates to new inventory, and you may get lucky with insider info about upcoming sales.

Bonus – Look for the Owners

There’s something to be said for speaking directly with the owners or managers of a store. You’ll learn more about the pieces they offer in their store, and you have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re picturing.

Visit The Find every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We can’t wait to see what you find.