Just about any room will benefit from a mirror, but it’s important to follow a few guidelines before you start hanging. Enjoy the perks of a perfectly placed mirror by following these six rules for mirrors in home decor (you’re welcome).

the-find-reno-big-mirrorThink about the Reflection

It’s not just about the bare wall that needs something. When you’re hanging a mirror, you also need to consider what’s on the other wall. Mirrors are going to reflect, so think about what’s going to get that extra oomph. Pro tip – hanging a mirror across from a window is an instant room brightener.

Be Choosy about Placement

Height is another big consideration. While art goes at eye level, your mirror should be hung according to what you’re reflecting. Sometimes, that’s an eye-level height, but not always.

Make it a Focal Point

A gorgeous mirror over the mantle or the sideboard, set off by a pair of sconces or some candlesticks, creates an impressive, understated focal point. Easy!

the-find-reno-antique-mirrorGo Big

And that’s true even in small spaces. The secret power of the mirror – truly an unsung hero in home decor – is its ability to create the illusion of space and depth. Try a full-length mirror propped against the wall in a small room, or a stylish mirror in a narrow hallway.

Consider Style

Whatever your design aesthetic, there’s a mirror that will work. Both the frame and the shape will dictate the style, and even the mirror itself can impart a certain mood (think smoky or antique glass).

Do it Right

Hang that mirror properly! You’ll need picture hangers or wall hooks on either end to safely keep that mirror on the wall. A wire hooked over a single nail is asking for trouble (and it distort the reflection). For really heavy mirrors, bring in a professional.

The Find in Reno has mirrors in all shapes and sizes. Stop by any Thursday, Friday or Saturday to find a mirror you can’t wait to take home.


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