If the mirrors in your home are limited to the bathroom, listen up. Mirrors are one of those secret weapon decor pieces that pull double duty, adding both function and visual appeal. Whether you’re trying to create a focal point or the perception of bigger, brighter spaces, the right mirror will make it happen.

the-find-reno-beautiful-mirrorMirror, Mirror

From a functional standpoint, the humble mirror is a workhouse. Trying to brighten up a dark space? Bring in the light with a well-placed mirror. Want to make a cramped room feel bigger? Add a mirror! Looking to create a focal point or to anchor a space? Again, a mirror can make it easy.

  • Let there be lightA mirror placed opposite or near a window will increase the room’s natural light. And the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space. No window? Situate mirrors near lamps instead.
  • Boost styleA mirror can enhance or deflect, which makes it ideal in rooms with awkward layouts. You can also use a mirror to create a focal point in rooms lacking fireplaces, mantels, or other architectural elements that serve as a foundation for furniture. The right mirror can have the same impact as a grand painting.
  • Make it a window – In rooms without windows, fake brightness and space with a mirror that has separated panes or shutters.

Mirrors come in endless shapes, sizes and styles. At The Find in Reno, we have beautiful mirrors for a variety of design aesthetics so that you can find something perfect to suit your needs and your style. Visit us Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to see our windows, and put this designer secret to work in your home.