Here at The Find in Reno, people routinely ask for design advice. They want to know how to make their homes stylish yet functional, how to mix old and new pieces, how to work in decor pieces appropriately – the list goes on and on. One of the most commonly asked questions? How to create a living room/great room/den space that looks inviting and beautiful. Fortunately, it’s not as tricky as most people think. Here are three keys to nailing living room design.

the-find-reno-sectional-sofaStart with the Furniture

The furniture layer sets the foundation for any space. Avoiding matching furniture sets in favor of pieces that share a general aesthetic and balance – solid, natural pieces, for example – will help create a visually appealing backdrop for personal pieces and accessories. Creating a sensible, thoughtful layout with ample seating and a structure that encourages conversation in the right areas (and movement in walkways) is also key to establishing a space people want to be in.

Add a Little Personality

We may admire the living rooms in catalogues, but you don’t actually want to live in one. There’s no personality, no family heirlooms, no souvenirs that trigger amazing memories. Incorporating your own special pieces is what makes your house your home, so put them to good use. Greenery will add an organic element that’s always welcome.

the-find-reno-summer-sofa-saleIncorporate Texture

Textural pieces can technically fall into the personality category, but texture really does stand on its own. Throw pillows, chunky ottomans, woven baskets, even rustic wood or sleek chrome tables all bring their own textures, something that’s important for a vibrant, visually appealing space.

And Then…

Here’s the real key. After you’ve arranged your furniture, added your accessories, and incorporated texture, step back and look carefully for visual balance. Does the space feel visually symmetrical, even if you don’t have perfectly matching pieces? Does anything feel too weight, as though it’s throwing things off? Matching visual heights and weights will bring balance to your space, and you can do that in many different ways. Play around with accessories here until you find an effect that’s harmonious.

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