Looking at a sofa or a beautifully upholstered chair on the computer just isn’t the same as touching it, sitting in it, and walking around it to admire it from all angles. No matter how well a website shows off its wares, there’s just no substitution for seeing it all in person. Buying furniture online can be risky – everything from pricing to color to scale to quality can be questionable – and it robs you of the tactile pleasure that comes from shopping in person.

the-find-reno-stylish-furnitureSo what’s the best way to buy furniture? By coming in to The Find and seeing all our goodies for yourself! We bring in new deliveries weekly, so our inventory is always fresh. And instead of constantly adding and deleting images to our website, we share images of furniture and decor pieces up for grabs in our roomy warehouse on our Facebook and Instagram (@thefindreno).

When you’re looking for something specific, come prepared. We wrote a post about common mistakes to avoid when you’re furniture shopping – forgetting to measure, ignoring scale, falling for fads, ignoring real life, not asking for help – and we’re adding to that list now.

A common mistake? Seeing a piece of furniture on your mobile device or laptop and building an elaborate fantasy around it when too many variables are simply unknown. Use the internet wisely – it should be where you find inspiration, research, compare, review. And then, get out there! Start at The Find, where we’ve been stocking beautiful, high-end furniture to Reno-Tahoe for the last 11 years. And don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. We offer complimentary design assistance, and no project is too big or too small. 

Oh, and one last thing – if you’re in for a browse and you don’t see anything quite right, odds are really good we can get it. We have an extensive vendor network and we can hunt down just about anything – all you need to do is ask! Spare yourself the drudgery of endless online searching. The best way to buy furniture really is in person at The Find. Come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and see for yourself.