Gray burst onto the design scene over the last few years, and now homes are sporting shades of gray in upholstery, décor pieces, even walls, backsplashes, flooring and cabinetry. It’s an amazingly versatile color, but it can be a bit of a chameleon too. Here’s what you should about bringing gray into your home.

gray-tufted-bench-the-find-renoShades of gray have grown in popularity due to part to the ubiquity of stainless steel appliances and their harmony with a sort of streamlined Scandinavian design style – whites and warm wood tones. Gray is a neutral, and the right shade will work with pretty much anything. It’s a pleasing alternative to other neutrals like off-whites, beiges and taupes, and it’s an ideal way to balance the warmth of wood tones and gold accents. Grays can be the perfect backdrop for pops of color in a space, or they can create a perfectly rustic, weathered ambience.

But depending on the room and the light, grays can look green, blue, even purple! To find the right gray for your space, consider these tips.

  • Consider your overall color scheme, including existing furniture and décor.

Some grays have a hint of aqua, while warmer shades of gray are lovely in rooms with strong, bright colors. Some grays have cool undertones, a better choice for those who gravitate towards blues, purples and greens.

  • Choose a selection of shades and buy the sample sizes.

gray-dining-chairs-the-find-renoWhen you’re choosing paint, don’t rely on swatches alone. Buy the sample size and paint on a good-sized section. It’s best to paint a test area on all the walls in the room. Then take a good look at different times of the day. You may find that low light turns one shade of gray positively purple, or that bright daylight makes another shade seem really blue or far too washed out.

The right shade of gray can be dramatic or calming. It may take a little trial and error, but it’s worth it!

Once you have the perfect shade of gray, come in to The Find on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to find upholstery and décor items that will complement it beautifully!