We’re rolling into week three of our four-week customer appreciation event. This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, save 10% on all sofas, including special orders. We’ll match every purchase with a 10% donation to the local chapter of JDRF and hand over a raffle ticket for every purchase. You could win a $500 gift card to The Find and other great prizes!

Choosing the perfect sofa can be a daunting task. It’s a big purchase – literally and financially. And the choices! Deciding between the right style, shape, fabrics, materials and all those custom options tends to become overwhelming. So start with these six steps to finding the perfect sofa, and skip the headache!

1. Size matters.

Take a look at your space and make a decision about how much room you want your sofa to fill. Are you hoping to incorporate other pieces, like a coffee table or chairs? Will this be a statement piece as well as a comfy spot to sit? In small spaces, be aware that your sofa will likely be in the spotlight. Choose something practical with a strong design that works well with the rest of your space.

2. Orientation matters.

To help you determine size, decide how the sofa will be oriented. And to do that, consider your lifestyle. Will you using the sofa to sit and watch television? Make sure it’s facing that direction so you aren’t craning your neck to watch your favorite shows. If you’re planning to do a lot of hosting and game nights, incorporating a table with seating on either side makes the perfect setting.

3. Shape matters.

Understanding your sofa’s primary purpose will help you with step three – figuring out which shape will work best. Open areas that need a bit of anchoring do well with large, clean L-shapes. Consider a rounder shape in smaller spaces that double as gathering areas and media rooms.

4. Upholstery matters.

Your lifestyle will also help you determine the right upholstery. Aesthetics are important, but function reigns. If you have pets or small children, look for something serviceable, and don’t worry that you have to sacrifice style! Leather, for example, is stylish, wears well over time and cleans up nicely.

5. Style matters.

If your home is modern in design, a contemporary sofa is the obvious choice. While there is room to flex your design muscles a bit, avoid something that will clash with your décor. Homes that veer to the more eclectic – a mix of colors, patterns and designs – can handle a sofa that blend a few styles.

6. Color matters.

Don’t shy away from interesting colors and prints. They can be an unexpected way to add a personal touch to a room. But if the idea of going all-out on a sofa is too unnerving, consider incorporating a bolder color or pattern with something like an ottoman. You’ll get a fun sense of diversity that can still coordinate with your bigger pieces.

Still feeling stuck? Let us help! Come into The Find this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and we’ll help you find just the right sofa. And bonus – you’ll save 10% if you order it August 6 through 8!