It’s week two of our four-week customer appreciation event, and this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it’s all about the dining room table.

It’s the anchor in the heart of the home, the spot where families come together to eat and laugh and make memories. But finding just the right dining room table can be tricky. Here are some tips for nailing down the perfect table for your space, your family and your life.

The Design: No-Frills Minimalism
Perfect for: The Lover of Simplicity

A slab top with clean lines works well in modern spaces. And don’t worry, basic doesn’t have to be boring. Keep things interesting with unexpected materials (metal! glass!) and fun seating choices. You can play up rustic industrial or contemporary styling with something simple and to the point.

The Design: Versatile
Perfect for: The Entertainer

If you love to throw a good party, a large dining table is a must. Find an option that incorporates leaves (consider drop-down options or something with a more sophisticated built-in panel system) so you can accommodate a crowd.

The Design: Rustic Farmhouse
Perfect for: The Farm-to-Table Foodie

Farmhouse and harvest tables are a popular choice these days. They’re a throwback to a simpler era and they lend themselves to a modern twist when you pair them with more contemporary seating.

The Design: Salvaged
Perfect for: The Nature Lover

Salvaged wood plan tables can be truly stunning. They work best on rectangular frames so the uneven table top can truly shine. These tables are one of a kind, and their custom craftsmanship will be reflected on the price tag.

The Design: Traditional Circle
Perfect for: The Traditionalist

Round tables mean everyone faces one another. This is ideal for cozy conversation and social settings. Circular tables also work well in tight spaces. You can usually squeeze in an extra chair or two if needed. And bonus – round tables can have a retro or edgy vibe when they incorporate tulip shapes or combine sculptural legs with a glass top. There are lots of great combinations in the round table world.

The Design: Counter Height
Perfect for: The Lounge Lizard

Elevated counter-height tables and seating are fun, casual and unexpected. Take things to a different level with this option – perfect for hosting wine and tapas nights.

Whatever your style, we can help you find the perfect table at The Find. And this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 30-August 1, you’ll save 10% on any table! And, we’re matching all purchases with a 10% donation to the local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. You’ll also get a raffle ticket with every purchase for a chance to win a $500 gift card to The Find and other great prizes.