the-find-reno-upholstered-rustic-benchThink about everything that comes and goes – and more importantly, stays – in your home’s entryway. Shoes, bags, mail, backpacks, gear bags and more may pass through or informally live in this space, usually sacrificing simplicity, organization and style in the process. So what can be done?

The Entryway’s Secret Weapon

The simple addition every entryway needs is a bench, a workhorse that will offer seating, storage, and style, all in one. The real beauty of the bench is in its versatility. No matter your home’s style, there’s a bench to match it, while bringing in much-needed function.


Whether you prefer something simple and straightforward – a spot with room for shoes beneath, a basket for mail on one end, and a few throw pillows on the other – or something that pulls double duty, with drawers or baskets, you can find a great bench (or pew!) for the job.

And then there’s the chest or trunk, which is really just a bigger, bulkier bench with the extra bonus of hidden interior space. The size of your entryway will dictate whether a bench is the best choice, or if you have the space for something a little bigger.


Whether you’re considering a simple bench or something a little more substantial for your home’s entryway, The Find in Reno has a great selection of benches, trucks and chests. Remember, these pieces work well in so many parts of your home – the end of the bed is a classic spot. Come in any Thursday, Friday or Saturday to see what you find. Your entryway will thank you!