Splurging on a new sofa may not be in the budget right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen things up. We’re sharing seven tips for refreshing your home – on a budget.

Start with New Color

One of the most cost-effective ways to make a dramatic change in any space is with a fresh coat of paint. Going from a vibrant primary color to a soft pastel can take a room from energizing to soothing. Think about what statement you’d like to make and the purpose of the space, then use that to choose a fresh new color.

Move Things Around

You can make a big impact just by moving around the furniture. It’s a fun, free way to see a room in a whole new light. Try stealing a pieces,┬álike chairs and side tables, from other rooms as well. You may be surprised at how great they look paired with new pieces in a new space.

And don’t limit yourself to the furniture, either. If you haven’t changed up your artwork in a while, try taking everything down – mirrors included – and moving things around. Start by hanging your biggest pieces first.

Make Little Updates

Changing up the pieces on your bedside table, coffee table or dining room table can really impact the room as a whole. The same is true for your bookshelves. Start by taking away all of the accessories and replacing them with pieces from other rooms – think candles, plants, picture frames, books, and similar items. Remember to vary heights and work in layers for interest.


Change Out Your Pillows

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change up a space, especially if you have pillow covers. You can change them out seasonally, work in different colors and textures, and make a statement – all while making a cozy place to relax.

Try switching out throws for the same effect.

Make Small Changes

If you can’t spring for a new dining table, focus on the seating instead. Swapping out the host chairs – the seats at either end of the table – for something updated and on-trend can be just as dramatic.

Bring in New Patterns

A few fun patterns can be refreshing, but start small. Work in pattern with a new lamp shade, pillow, piece of art, maybe even a rug. You’ll add interest without going overboard.

Get Colorful – In Moderation

Changing up your photo frames is another fresh twist. If you also opt for solid frames in wood or black, try a mix of colors. If silver is your go-to frame, consider mixing in different metallics like gold and copper.

Sometimes, just adding a fun little item to your home can add the perfect touch. Come in to The Find on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and see what you find.

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