Gathering spaces like living rooms and the ever-popular great room should have plenty of seating options for you and your guests. But we get it, space is sometimes at a premium. Good news! Today, we’re sharing tips that will help you solve the extra seating dilemma. Use these suggestions to bring more seating options into your space (so you can throw more parties).

Factor for Your Cushion Count

If someone asked you how many people your space can currently seat, can you answer? Use this handy rule of thumb – the number of seat cushions in a space equals the number of people you can seat. If your sofa has three seat cushions, you’re squashing if more than three people pile on. And while that may be fine in certain scenarios, it can be less than ideal in others.

Pro tip – A sofa with a bench cushion is a workaround to the seat cushion conundrum. There’s no cushion crack to avoid, so people are more likely to squeeze in a little more closely.


Opt for Ottomans

Oversized ottomans can play double duty, taking on the role of coffee table in a space and working well as additional seating when you need it. Smaller ottomans can be tucked away hereand there in your home – in corners, under consoles, in front of your favorite chair – and brought into a space for another seating option when you need it.

the-find-reno-oversized-soft-seatingThink Creatively – And Occasionally

Bean bags aren’t just for kids, and especially not when they look like this! We love these soft, oversized seats for their comfy, casual style.

the-find-reno-seating-occasional-chairAnd then there’s the occasional chair – a single chair (not one in a set) that’s so stylish and beautiful it works all on its own. Occasional chairs can be the focal point of a space or a statement piece, and they’ll steal the show when your guests are choosing a spot to sit.

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