Styling the mantle isn’t always easy, but take heart. There are a few tricks to making the mantle pop. Check out these design tips from The Find in Reno, and do your mantle proud.

The Mantle

It’s usually the focal point of a room, and in newer homes, it’s in casual great rooms where we tend to spend lots of time. When you pile too much on the mantel, it can give the impression of trying too hard. But if you err the other way, the effect is boring and a little disappointing. From a design standpoint, the ¬†best-looking mantels are both balanced and collected, but styled simply.

Layering Elements

The real trick is in groupings and varied heights. Here are a few ways to get started.

  • Containers – From glass containers to beautifully textured pieces, showcasing a small collection of your favorite containers is a great option. Plus, you can keep up with the changing seasons by adding fresh flowers or seasonal elements (gourds, mini pumpkins, juniper bunches, etc.). Just remember that less is more.
  • Focal point¬†– This is a classic choice, because it usually works. Choose a large piece – a beautiful piece of art or a mirror – that centers the design. Symmetry, such as identical candles on either side, can get a little boring, so you may opt for a bit of asymmetry, which tends to add visual interest.
  • Varying heights – Stacked books, pretty boxes, smaller pieces of artwork leaning against bigger pieces, all those different heights bring shape and interest to your mantel.
  • Personal touches – Bring your personality to the room by adding some of your favorite objects. Just a few pieces will go a long way, and the effect will become more eclectic with the more you add.

What About the TV?

Sometimes the best place for the television is over the mantel. So what then? Just keep it simple! Don’t overcrowd the mantel – the idea isn’t to block the television. Try a group of accessories that are long and low (and remember that odd groupings are usually best), asymmetrical accessories on either side (just remember to keep them balanced visually in weight and sizes), or keep your mantle free and clear if you have shelving on either side you can showcase instead.

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