Whether it’s generous or tight, nearly everybody has a budget when it comes to furniture. But when you’re decorating your home, on which pieces should you splurge, and which ones can you get on the cheap? It’s a good question, and the answer is straightforward enough. There are three pieces that are nearly always worth the investment. Read on to see which ones, and why.

The Sofa

This is something that will be used every day, and often more than once a day. In many cases, it’s one of the first pieces to be seen when you come home. A great sofa looks as good as it feels, and it’s worth spending a little more to get something that not only fits that criteria but should last a good ten years. Keep your couch going strong with these maintenance tips:

  • Position it so it’s out of direct sunlight, which will fade fabrics and dry out leather (that could lead to cracking).
  • Take care to keep the fabric clean, and remember to vacuum under the cushions and on the backside regularly – stains and wayward Cheerios can add wear and tear to the fabric.
  • Wipe down the legs – use a sudsy mix for metal, avoiding alcohol-based sprays, and use oil on wooden legs to help reduce cracking and chipping.

The_Find_Reno_Table_3The Dining Table & Chairs

These are also items that will get daily use. You want something that will stand up to not only multiple meals every day, but possibly double (and triple) duty as a homework station and craft center. A kitchen is often the heart of the home, and a beautiful kitchen table with inviting seating should be as welcoming as it is functional.

The Bed & Mattressbeautiful-bed-the-find-reno

Don’t cheap out on your mattress – you’ll spend a big chunk of your life there, and it’s worth paying a premium for a mattress that is supportive and comfortable. It’s an overused cliche, but there is merit to that whole sanctuary idea in the bedroom. A beautiful frame and a quality mattress should be a place of serenity.

Splurging on these items, and having fun with items to round out the rest of your home (think coffee and side tables, funky armchairs, bedside tables, lighting, etc.), is a good way to approach home decor.