the-find-reno-rustic-deskThe right desk doesn’t just look amazing, it inspires you to get stuff done! When you’re outfitting your home office, it can be easy enough to find suitable seating and artful accessories, but what about must-haves like the desk and filing cabinet? Enough with the purely functional, aesthetically blah office furniture of the world. The beauty of a home office is freedom, right? So don’t sacrifice style for function – you really can have both. Case in point? Our Find of the Week!


This beauty measures 54″ x 30″ x 31″ and that means it’s neither too big nor too small. Three roomy drawers, including one just tall enough for files and folders, will stash your stuff comfortably and the spacious workspace has enough surface area for your laptop, notebooks, calendars and other odds and ends.


We love the rustic, textured wood finish of this desk. It’ll will work well with a number of design styles. The simple lines of this desk get a little oomph from its hardware – these statement pieces are beautifully industrial (and functional! See above). Pair it with a stylish metal stool, like we have here, or try something feminine and pretty. Either way, it’ll look great.

rustic-filing-cabinet-the-find-renoThe desk is priced at $985, and we’ve had a lot of interest over on Instagram and Facebook. Come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week to see it for yourself – and don’t wait!

We sold the matching filing cabinet a few weeks ago, but it’s just a special order away. Up your home office game with these beautiful pieces, and see how productive you can be in your stylish home office.