the-find-reno-furniture-shopping-tips-reno-tahoeWhen you’re furniture shopping in Reno-Tahoe, you have options. But there’s a trick to finding the right piece and the right price – and the bottom line isn’t always the best way to know you’re getting a good deal. Here are three tips for furniture shopping in Reno-Tahoe.

Read the Fine Print

The box stores made their name on those zero-percent down deals, the kind that let you furnish an entire house, or least a handful of rooms, for some unbelievable low price. But be clear that this isn’t an instance of free money. When a furniture store offers a zero-percent interest loan, it’s because they’ve already built in financing costs to that pricing model. What does that mean to the buyer? You’re buying all that furniture at a big mark-up, and all because you have to it all right this instant.

A better idea? Try being a little more patient. Avoid those matching sets – it’s one of the least imaginative ways of decorating – and opt instead for pulling together a cohesive, stylish and personal decor over time. You’ll be glad you did it this way, we promise.

Think Quality, not Quantity

Another perk of patience? It means you’re making better choices, which means you can splurge on higher-quality pieces that will last (and look beautiful doing it). Don’t let those the glossy catalogs fool you! Be thorough in your search by checking material lists and do your best to avoid veneers, particleboard and composite construction. And if you’re shopping online, be extra careful!

A better idea? Spend your money on pieces that will last. Don’t make the mistake of assuming the cheapest option is the best option, and don’t rush to fill your space. Taking time to thoughtfully decorate will make your home that much more personal and special.

Work that Social Media

“Liking” a furniture’s business page on Facebook is a simple way to stay linked in to things like new inventory, not to mention promo codes and sales. A simple “like” is the easiest way to stay connected with your favorite furniture store.

Bonus Tip! Look for the Owners

When you talk with the owners or managers of a store, you have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re picturing. And you may even get it at a better price. At The Find, we also offer complimentary design assistance, and we can help you pull together the right style for your home and life. Visit us Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and see what you find.