There’s a chalkboard sign making the rounds on social media that highlights what happens when you shop local and support small business. The gist is that your money doesn’t help a CEO buy his third vacation home, but instead helps parents put food on the table and pay their mortgage, or helps a student pay for college. It’s a wonderful sentiment, and it’s true. For every $100 spent locally at a small business, $68 returns to the community. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are three reasons to skip the chain stores and shop local here in Reno next time you need new furniture or home decor.

the-find-reno-concrete-coffee-tableBetter Quality Products & Service

It makes sense that big box stores and chains immediately come to mind when it’s time for new furniture or home decor – they pour millions into those national ad budgets for that very effect! But proceed with caution.

A Smart Money article titled “Pottery Barn Unstuffed” came out years ago. It was a piece about the actual quality of furniture sold by go-to lifestyle retailers like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. They took a chain saw to some of the expensive furniture sold by these retailers and found surprisingly cheap, thin veneers, excessive amounts of particleboard and shoddy construction – a stark contrast to the accompanying price tags. The glossy catalogs, skilled set designers, and professional photographers do an amazing job at selling an aesthetic. The furniture looks wonderful in print, but the real-life quality is something far less impressive.the-find-reno-upholstered-bed

If you’re after that Pottery Barn look, don’t settle for the cheap craftsmanship. Here at The Find in Reno, we have an incredible selection of stylish sofas and sectionals, seating, dining tables, bedroom furniture, and so much more. Get the look you want, but don’t settle for furniture that only looks well-made.

Something Different

Sofa and dining sets make it easy to shop. True, they require absolutely no imagination and lack a little something in terms of style and originality, but there is the convenience factor. Another option? Creating a signature style that really represents your aesthetic. You know, the kind of design that looks like it came together organically over time, with not a single piece coming from a big box store. At The Find, we have pieces you won’t find anywhere else – and that’s absolutely intentional. Even better? Our in-house designers can help you create your own look. Don’t take our word for it – just check out these reviews.

Keeping it Local

Shopping at the local RC Wiley or Pottery Barn directly benefits their corporate shareholders. And that’s fine. But Reno has incredible local furniture stores like The Find. And when you shop here, you keep your money in our community. There’s something wonderful about that.

The Find is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have new inventory delivered regularly, and there are so many wonderful pieces for your home. Come in and see what shopping local for stylish furniture and home decor really looks like.