We’re well into 2018, and the experts called it – natural elements, black and white decor and 70s chic are all the rage this year. Here’s why we’re totally here for these three home decor trends!

the-find-reno-concrete-wood-coffee-tableNatural Elements

While 2017 put the focus on tech-driven decor, things have softened up nicely in 2018 with a pivot to organic, natural, and nature-inspired elements like stone, wood, and copper.

We love the aesthetic these pieces bring to a faux-succulents-the-find-reno-home-decorspace, and we’re head over heels for decor pieces like these faux floral stems and succulents!

Black & White Decor

This is one those timeless design trends that always seems to work. The stark contrast can bring both balance and boldness to a space while incorporating a fresh, modern aesthetic. the-find-reno-dream-sofa-pillowsIt’s also a wildly versatile element – a little bit of white against a lot of black, or vice versa, can be just as effective as an even balance of both colors. This classic duo also works particularly well in fun, unexpected patterns.

70s Chic

Everything old is new again at some point, and the classic 70s chic is on deck. Think funky texture, warm color palettes, abstract the-find-reno-70s-chic-home-furnituresilhouettes, and tons of personality. From geometric patterns to velvet, there are endless ways to bring this lively aesthetic into your home, with a modern twist.

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