the-find-reno-interior-decorating-mistakes-to-avoidDecorating your home to suit your own aesthetic can be tough. While there are general design rules that can help, decorating is less a science than an art. Still, if you’ve worked long and hard to make your spaces feel and look a certain way, but something’s not quite right, it could be because you made any of these three all-too-common decorating mistakes. Don’t worry – we have a few tips for fixing that.

Forgetting that Texture Matters Too

It’s natural to focus on color when you’re putting together the pieces in a room, but texture deserves just as much attention. Think about the elements that add that special touch to a space – the chunky cable throw, or those faux fur pillows, or that beautifully textured wooden coffee table – and you’ll understand pretty quickly that it’s the texture adding the pop.

Getting Hung Up on Making Sure Everything Matches

Perfectly matching furniture sets were all the rage in the 50s and 60s, and that’s where they deserve to stay. Matching your draperies to the rug to the throw pillows is just as dated. Instead of getting too hung on making sure everything matches, change your perspective just a bit by looking for pieces that “go” together instead. That small shift means you’re more likely to come up with unexpected pairings that can add just the right amount of visual interest.

Ignoring Scale

It’s just about the floor space a piece of furniture encompasses, but its visual weight and the manner in which it relates to other objects in a room. That’s why remembering to factor for scale when you’re adding items to a room is so critical. And it’s not just big things – lots of small things in a room, from decor pieces to lamps to end tables can make it feel cramped or chaotic.

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