From the big box shops to the discount warehouse, there’s no shortage of furniture stores in Reno-Tahoe. But before you spend a weekend dragging yourself into every place in town to find that new sofa, coffee table or bed, read on for a bit of insight. Yes, there are plenty of furniture stores in northern Nevada, but they all fall into three categories. Figure out who’s selling what you’re looking for, and you’ll save time, money and effort (and spare yourself the headache too).

  • The Furniture Chains & Manufacturer-Branded Stores

With their substantial advertising budgets and frequent catalog mailings, these are the stores that immediately come to mind when it’s time for new furniture. From the “lifestyle retailers” like Pottery Barn and the manufacturer-branded stores like La-Z Boy or Bassett to the department stores like Macy’s and complete home furnishings megastores like Ashley and RC Wiley, these chains are hard to miss.

The Benefits: Big-box chains offer nearly constant promotions, so you can time big purchases around holidays for the best deals. At the lifestyle retailers and manufacturer-branded stores in particular, you can always expect a certain style, but price tags can be surprisingly high for mass-produced furniture.

The Drawbacks: The certain style that can always be expected is limiting if you’re trying to flex your creative chops. Regardless of the name attached to it, craftsmanship and quality isn’t always high (even if the price tag is).

  • The Traditional Furniture Store

Often local and independently owned, the traditional furniture store is often promoted with low-budget “BLOWOUT SALE, SAVE $$$!!” style commercials. These places usually have a huge inventory crammed into a dusty building. Expect furniture from a variety of manufacturers. There’s a mix of brands and styles, so expect to do some digging. Stacks of furniture are piled up, sometimes haphazardly, but there are usually eager salespeople hovering nearby to pull things out for your review.

The Benefits: A wide selection of varying styles. Often locally owned, so you’re supporting the local economy and in a better position to negotiate.

The Drawbacks:  Style is all over the map, which can make it really hard to find the piece you’re envisioning. Quality varies. Be prepared to do some digging if you’re hoping for a good score.

  • The Boutique

Also local and independently operated, the boutique furniture shop is a big step up from the traditional places. These places are often the owned by formally trained designers, so expect a good sense of style and decent variety.
In Reno-Tahoe, The Find is one of our hidden secrets in the boutique furniture store category. You’ll find an enormous selection to suit a range of design styles and price points.

The Benefits:  Fabulous style without the cookie-cutter look you’ll find at the chains or the questionable quality of the local discount places. Designer input can be really helpful as well, and in many cases, it will be complimentary.

The Drawbacks:  Too much good stuff! Stay focused on what you need, or you may blow your budget.

Before you hoof it to every place in town, consider what you’re after and let that dictate your next steps. If you’re after a statement piece or really high-end sofa, it’s likely going to be a waste your time to try the traditional furniture stores first. Instead, start in the boutiques and see what you find.

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