Some people have an innate ability to put together inspiring, unique spaces. And others, well, others struggle to make things work. In many instances, the spaces that are lacking tried to follow too many design rules. The truth is, the best interiors are usually where true personality shines through because so much of design is a matter of personal taste. Breaking the rules can sometimes be the best thing in home decor – with one exception. Scale is often the only design rule that really matters. Here’s why, and how to make it work for you.

the-find-reno-square-dining-tableScale as a Design Principle

When we talk about scale in home decor, we’re referring to the size of something in relation to something else. And while scale is largely related to furniture selection and placement, there’s more to it than that. Scale should be considered for everything in a space, all the way down to the way your accessories and decor pieces are arranged.

So why is the scale rule always worth following? If you’ve ever seen a huge sofa crammed in a small space, you know how hard it is to overlook this design faux pas. Instead, remember these simple guidelines to follow the rule of scale in your home:

  • Size – The larger the space, the larger the furnishings. Tighter spaces often call for pieces that are more streamlined or delicate.
  • Furnishings – The largest piece of furniture sets the scale for other pieces in the space.
  • White space – Build in breathing room by leaving space around and above furniture – not every square inch needs to be filled (and this includes wall space).
  • Patterns – Scale patterns appropriately. In a small space, you can get away with a large print by using it sparingly and leaving ample white space around it.
  • Repetition – Repeating a pattern or color can keep things cohesive, as long as you don’t go overboard.

In most cases, if something feels “off” about your home decor, the scale is probably out of alignment. Try rearranging, replacing or removing until things feel right. And if you want help, ask us! The Find offers complimentary design consultation services. Come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday to see our newest offering of stylish furniture and home decor.

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