We’re kicking off a new little series – The Find’s Find of the Week! We’ll showcase our favorite new piece every Wednesday – expect full details, price, pictures, the whole deal.

the-find-reno-dining-table-x-factor 2The Find of the Week: The X Factor Table

This isn’t your average dining room table. Offered in an array of gorgeous metals and woods – with a range of finishes for both – the X Factor table is as customizable as it gets. Choose your metal, choose your wood, choose your finishes, and then, choose the perfect size for your space.

The beauty is in the details – and this table has those in spades. We love the top with its perfect imperfections (instant character!) and it gets even better when you look a little lower. This is a statement piece that is as functional as it is gorgeous. If you’ve been hunting for the perfect dining room or kitchen table, your search may well be over.

As show, this X Factor table is $2795. Stop by The Find Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm to learn more about customizing an X Factor table of your very own.