It’s that time of year – the 2021 Best of Reno Awards! Once again, The Find is among nominees for best furniture in Reno, and we need your vote. Here’s how to find us, how to vote, and who we’re up against.

Voting for Best of Reno

It’s quick and easy to vote in the Best of Reno Awards. Follow this link, enter your email, and you can vote in as many or as few categories as you please. The Find is under the Shopping category. Look for Furniture, and you’ll see us among the nominees. While we often find ourselves as the only local store in a sea of big chain store nominees, this year’s round-up is more of a mixed ┬ábag. Three local shops made the cut – a consignment store, a gallery and gift store, and us! When it comes to fabulous furniture, The Find is Reno’s best-kept secret, and we hope you’ll find our store a stand-out among the other nominees.

If you love The Find, please vote and share! We’ve come in second place behind big chain stores before, and the year, we’d love to be the local shop that tops the list.

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