From incredible furniture – the kind you won’t find in the chain stores – to fun decor, even clothing, candles, soaps and jewelry, The Find has been Reno-Tahoe’s best-kept secret for more than a decade. It’s a tall order, we manage to pull it off. Here’s what makes it the best place for furniture and decor shopping in town.

  • Furniture you won’t find anywhere elsethe-find-reno-ovesized-sectional

If you’re looking for furniture that’s at once stylish and comfortable, but not something you’ll find just anywhere, make a trip to The Find. For more than ten years, it’s been Reno’s go-to for furniture that stands out, the stuff that makes guests ask where in the world you found it. With weekly shipments keeping our inventory fresh and current, there’s something new to see all the time. Looking for something in particular? Ask us! We can’t stock all the wonderful things we have access to, but we’re happy to special order the perfect sofa or that dreamy desk.

  • chandelier-floor-lamp-the-find-renoDecor to put just the right finishing touches on your space

Our decor pieces run the gamut – not just lamps, or pillows, or soap dishes, or butter crocks, but the very best versions of all these fun things. From heavy ceramics to stylish throw pillows in all fabrics and sizes, we take pride in finding the most amazing decor items.

We have beautiful jewelry, hand-stitched wallets, clocks, mirrors, incredible artwork, candles, purses, mini topiaries, fabulous realistic succulent arrangements, even hardware for your kitchen or bathroom reno!

  • A few really fabulous product lines

PJ Salvage pajamas and loungewear are something special, and if you can’t get over the hill to Nordstrom’s, we have you covered. We also have jewelry by My Saint, My Hero, Alp-N-Rock clothing and a handful of Woof n Poof pieces, which shut its doors early this year.

When you’re looking for something different, or you’re sick of the same-old, same-old at every other place in town, take a trip to The Find. We choose everything to meet our standards for style and quality, and we think it shows in every piece. Come in to see for yourself every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.