With the Fourth of July right around the corner, we’re well into those lazy summer days now. Bring the best of summer into your home with these summer decorating tips.

Go for simple and easy

Take a critical look at your favorite rooms, and try to re-cast them as your summer rental. Sure, it’s too hot during the day, but when evening comes and the temperature cools, throw open the windows and doors. Open those curtains and let the sunshine in. Most importantly, put away dark, heavy pieces and accessories. Things like throws, knick knacks and small décor can be stashed until we start cozying up again in the fall.

Bring the outside in

Summery landscapes incorporate natural elements. Go pops of color like sea green and turquoise, and don’t forget a bit of organic appeal with a few plants and clusters of fresh flowers. No green thumb? No problem. Grab a few of our beautiful faux succulents for instant green and zero maintenance.

Upgrade the table setting

You can work in splashes of summertime colors with accent dishes – think floral, nautical or tropical. Mix them with your everyday plates for something casual and easy.

Make a few seasonal switches

  • Switching out scents is a wonderful way to note the changing seasons. Go for something light and fresh for these warm months.
  • Swap your artwork for a fast change of pace. Colorful artwork or seasonal themes are both a nod to summer.
  • Trade heavy draperies for something sheer. It’ll instantly brighten your space.
  • Don’t forget bedding! Put away the flannel sheets for light, colorful cottons and linens.
  • Change out throw pillows on the sofa, chairs, bedding and benches.

Summer is as much a state of mind as it is a season, and at The Find, we have lots of wonderful pieces that perfectly reflect the time of year. Stop by Thursday, Friday and Saturday for something fun!