As the world adjusts to this new normal of working remotely and staying in, we’re all spending way more time at home. It’s kind of nice, right? A collective opportunity to really look at the place we call home, to admire the things we love — and to fixate on the stuff we don’t. While The Find remains closed, we are staying active on social media, and we hope our photos of furniture, accessories, and decor will inspire you to shake things up a bit. And to help, here are a few ideas to refresh your home with a big boost of positive energy and style.

Cut the Clutter

Take a cue from the world’s most incredible hotels, all of which share the same approach to design and decor — every item is carefully considered to support them rhythm and flow of a space. While the tendency is to just buy whatever catches our eye, pausing a beat to consider how a given piece will affect the space as a whole is a neat way to sidestep the disjointed, out-of-sync effect going on in so many homes. Take some time to cast a critical eye around your space. And if you’re not on the Marie Kondo train yet, this is the time to hop aboard. True, you may only be offloading your stuff as far as the garage for the time being, but we’re all making exceptions these days. And you’ll still benefit from the extra breathing room!

the-find-reno-sofa-home-decorSet Intentions for Your Space

This can be challenging when the whole family is spending all day, every day together. But thinking about how a given space should make you feel — relaxed and at peace in the master bedroom or en suite, or energized and happy in the kitchen — can give you a direction for manifesting those emotions. If the master bedroom needs to be an oasis, particularly in these unsettling times, make it a quiet, calm space that smells divine. Soft, inviting linens, cozy pillows, indulgent extras like scented candles or an essential oil diffuser — all of these little additions can create a space that’s truly tranquil and calming. The key is envisioning the space at its best, and working backwards to make it happen.

Let There Be Light

While adding windows may be a no-go, hanging mirrors is a handy workaround. Big, beautiful mirrors instantly brighten by amplifying whatever natural light you do have, and they have a nifty visual trick that seems to double the space. There are so many advantages to natural light, no matter how gray the sky, and a mirror will play it up beautifully. The Find has a great selection of beautiful mirrors, so stay tuned to our social accounts on Instagram and Facebook — we’re doing phone orders and curbside pick-up on Thursdays and Fridays between 11 and 5!

Be Inspired

It’s not easy staying home indefinitely, but a little shift in perspective goes far. Remind yourself why you’re isolating, count your blessings, and get creative on the home front! The calendar says spring, so put that deep clean on your list, and de-clutter as you go. Tackle one project at a time, and follow the tips above to add style and some much-needed positive energy.