the-find-reno-home-decor-faux-plantsIf you close your eyes and think about your favorite interior spaces, one of them is probably well accessorized. Why? Simply because it’s these final additions to a space that really make it special. Think about it – the down pillows and snuggly throws that make a great room so inviting, the homey touches in the dining room that make it feel like a space for family, the lashings of color in an otherwise sleek space – the mood and feel of these spaces is ultimately defined by its accessories.¬†Today, we’re sharing more on the role accessories play in your home’s decor, and how to make them work for you.

Accessories with a Purpose

Accessorizing a home does two things – it complements a space, and it completes it as well. This is where your personal style really ¬†shines. Yes, accessories have an aesthetic role to fill, but some level of function is also important. Some of your home accessories may tell a story about a favorite trip, while others are there in a supporting capacity to the room’s furniture. The best accessories both enhance a space while coordinating well.

the-find-reno-home-decor-and-accessoriesWhere to Begin?

Think of accessorizing a space as you would your own outfit. There’s a balance to be struck, keeping in mind the kind of effect you’re trying to achieve. When it comes to adding the right accessories to your space, here are a few tips:

  • Try grouping different pieces together, remembering the rule of threes
  • Look for pieces that harmonize in terms of their scale, weight, color, height and theme
  • Play with different colors and textures for visual interest and variety
  • Remember that simple is often more

One of the most wonderful things about home accessories is that they can be, literally, anything. Treasures from the beach, antiques, even personal creations all qualify, as do intricate table lamps, cozy throw pillows and candles. If your budget is tight, you can still make sweeping changes to a space with simple additions like fresh fruit displays and flowers. As disposable decor pieces, they’re by definition interchangeable and add diversity. That makes them ideal for seasonal updates, no matter what your budget.

Accessories from The Find in Reno

The Find has a wonderful selection of home decor and accessories, from unusual lighting and pillows to candles, trays, wall art, clocks, and much more. We invite you to come in any Thursday, Friday or Saturday to see if any of our beautiful finds speak to you. And if you have questions about designing your space, we’re happy to help. We offer complimentary design service, and we’d love to be of assistance.